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What's New in 1.0?

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As with previous releases, Cersi Mos! provides a unified and easy-to-use multi operating system for establishing different deployment, server, developer or desktop for your specific needs. To support the changing nature of the Internet and emerging Web technologies, Cersi Mos! required substantial restructuring of its core system and we also used this effort to simplify many challenges within the different interface. Cersi Mos! 1.0 has many new features and will bring happiness to you home and Enterprises.

In Cersi Mos! 1.0, you'll notice:

  • Substantially improved usability, manageability, and scalability far beyond your imagination

  • Expanded accessibility to support internationalization, double-byte characters and right-to-left support for Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew languages among others

  • Extended integration of external applications through Web services and remote authentication such as the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

  • supports 5 different architectures

  • A more sustainable and flexible developers environment for Software and Driver developers!

  • Backward compatibility with previous hardware and platforms!

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PACKAGE NAME:     chkrootkit-0.49-x86_64-1mos

chkrootkit: chkrootkit (Check Rootkit)
chkrootkit: chkrootkit is a common unix-based program intended to help system
chkrootkit: administrators check their system for known rootkits. It is a shell
chkrootkit: script using common UNIX/Linux tools like the strings and grep
chkrootkit: commands to search core system programs for signatures and for
chkrootkit: comparing a traversal of the /proc filesystem with the output of 
chkrootkit: the ps (process status) command to look for discrepancies.